The Never Fair-Expo returns from March 12th to 20th

La Foire-Expo de Nevers fait son grand retour du 12 au 20 mars

Alas, Kovid will cause a lot of difficulties for the Fair-Expo and especially for the Nivexpo team leading the event. “We’ve always talked about the Never Fair, but in fact it’s the department’s first commercial and financial meeting,” said Michael Billon, president of NivexSpo. The Never Fair-Expo stands a little different this year, especially nationally, as it is one of the first events to launch these festive and commercial events.

“Normally, it’s Moulins, the first Friday in February (The Foire de Moulins was scheduled to run from February 4 to 13, and was postponed from May 6 to 16). We are on horseback with Nice from March 5th to 14th ”.

The event is organized by the Nivexpo team, which organizes a number of exhibitions, from March 12 to 20.

Replacing the Moulin Rouge will benefit the Neverus Fair, which will attract fewer visitors directly from Allier.
On the exhibitor side, it’s a little lower. With the end of the health crisis, normalcy. “It’s on the road again,” observes Michael Billon. For his part, Philip Casson, president of the event agency Alto Eventi, puts forward three arguments for the crash: “Many reasonable demonstrators have not left Kovid. Some have completely changed jobs. Economic status, it rises from the fire of God. The artisans could not come. Order books are full. We still have uncertainties regarding the epidemic. In December, we had to gauge 2,500 people. ” Health laws still need to be developed soon. “We have a health protocol that is invested in the prefecture,” said Philip Casson.

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For the 79th edition of this 2022 edition of the Fair-Expo, the two together declare color: “This is a fair”.

Gastronomy, Wellness, Business, Adults, Decoration, Sports, Habitat, Fashion, and Elegance

What do we do ?? What and who will we see in the corridors of the Center-Expo for nine days? If the Fair-Expo was usually linked to a theme (Reunion 2019, Ireland selected for 2020), this year, the organizers were betting on another option: we would pay for package animations and guests (ES). Take alternately every day.

Gastronomy, well-being, business, adults, decoration, sports, living conditions, fashion and elegance will disrupt the commercial event. Each of its features will present a personality. In order of view: Saturday, March 12, the fair begins with antique dealer Julian Cohen. Visitors can come with their belongings and ask him a lot of information for the first skill. The next day, chef and TV presenter Norbert Torer opens a long gastronomy page. The public can follow his cooking classes with Jean-Francois Boschetti, chef at Toques Nivernaises. In the menu ?? Soupiquet des Amognas and the Morwandio frog. Gastronomy resumes Tuesday, March 15, with the participation of the CFA (Apprentice Training Center) and Cuisine des Savers. A nutritionist will provide valuable advice on how to eat well for both adults and children. The chocolate fair, led by Neverzois Chocolate Theory Cognate, is on Wednesday, March 16th.

A Wellness Break with Clara Morgan

On Monday the 14th, the singer will pamper the seniors at Stone Company. Set aside for the decorative touch led by St commephane Thebault, the presenter of M comme Maison, which airs on C8 on Thursday, March 17th. On Friday the 18th, we pamper ourselves by taking a relaxing break with a guest named Clara Morgane who has an undeniable charm. The evening should be lit again with the performance of the chippendals. To get out of this fascinating day, a little sportsmanship is essential. On Saturday, March 19, former cycling champion Laurent Jalbert will delight all lovers of the little queen.

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Diane Laird, Miss France 2022 Miss Nivere will compete in the election

This 79th Fair-Expo will end with a note of glamor and allure. Diane Laird, Miss France 2022 Miss Nivere will compete in the election. Who will be the successor to Never‌zois Laura Devillard, who was elected in 2019 (not elected for two years due to health crisis) ??

Not to mention the space below the outdoor marquee for cars. “This sector is making a comeback. We have almost all dealers. That’s a good sign, “said Philip Casson, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau. Or the Fitness Square, entrusted to Charles Beaulieu, with two sports halls in Neverിലുംs and Varenes-Vosselles, controlling the Showcase of Neverges (one or two fashion shows must be organized).

This is a very rich program developed by the Nivexpo team. Organizers expect 60,000 visitors to pass through the gates of the Center Expo between March 12 and 20.

Some numbers


Number of exhibitors. Compared to previous versions, this is about 230. “We also have limited areas of voluntary work,” said Michael Billan and Philip Casson. 15% of these exhibitors are new.


In m2, the surface, exterior and interior of the two halls.


m2, dedicated space under the Pernot Hall for signatures and performances.

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