The name of the Vikings spin-off captain will make you salivate

The name of the Vikings spin-off captain will make you salivate

When the mythical series The Vikings Now over, its creator Michael Hirst tells us more about the spin-off series, Vikings: Valhalla, Produced by Netflix.

Beautiful promises

The series started in 2013 The Vikings It quickly established itself as one of the most exciting historical series of the last decade. Its end, in the last days of 2020, would have given its creator, the intelligent Michael Hearst, the rest he deserved. However, as a good Shoraner hyperactive and passionate about history, the English screenwriter still cut his works for him. He has now announced the production of a new particularly ambitious series Year of the Plague, Michael Hirst spoke recently, in its columns Collider, When spin-off The Vikings, Produced by Netflix.

First, lThe British screenwriter confirms its work Vikings: Valhalla The events will take place a hundred years later The Vikings. Lovers of Cuttack, one of the highlights of the series The Vikings, Not to be confused with being part of the plot of Vikings: Valhalla Will walk there.

The series is built in the same place. We return to Cuttack, the Vikings’ spiritual home. Changed cutgate. It is one of the largest trading ports in Europe. Its size and importance grew tremendously.

Not only that, though All the characters in the first series have been dead for years, However their names will be mentioned on several occasions.

What is Jeb Stuart [le scénariste du spin-off] The fact is that he pays close attention to the myths of The Vikings. So, whenever they get together in the big hall of Cuttack, they talk about great times, when they were at the same table as Ragnar Lothbrock, Lagertha, Jorgen Ironside and Ivar. The boneless ones, now inside have become mythical forms Vikings: Valhalla.

Naturally, Spin-off will introduce new characters. While being The Vikings Ragnar, a semi-legendary king, told the story of Lotbrock and his sons. Vikings: Valhalla Eric the Red, Icelandic Viking, best known for founding Greenland’s first European colony;, Before the son discovers an area in Canada called the Scandinavians called Vinland. She should be contacted too Norwegian King Harold Hardroda, who claimed the throne of England, lost his life to persecution.

Filming is complete

Michael Hirst also tells us about the state of the Scandinavian world in this series Vikings: Valhalla. The Vikings own Normandy, which has already colonized almost all of England, and the King of England himself is Scandinavian.. Michael Hirst, who serves only as the executive producer of the series (created and written by Jeb Stuart). Die), Explain it The series will feature a battle between the pagan Vikings and the Christian Vikings. Vikings: Valhalla It describes the last days of paganism that Christendom will lose.

So many battles have to be expected. However, it will be In the end, the battles were more remarkable than we were used to The Vikings :

It shouldn’t be bigger than the last episodes of Viking. Because we fought such armies and great battles, you can’t do more than that in real life …

Creator of Tudors And The Vikings There is one last big news for fans of the series eagerly awaiting this spinoff: The first season has already been fully filmed. Filming took place in Ireland,. Kovid-19 pandemic production is only moderately delayed. So we can find the series on Netflix By the end of 2021. we hope!

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