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The mystery of the missing man was found dead at home three years after his disappearance

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Three years after being reported missing by police, a man has been found dead at home.

In 2017, Gerald Frost was reported missing. The 61-year-old Stafford police have launched a search in the Badley Green area of ​​Stoke, Trent.

He was spotted at the nearby Longport and on the bus route to Staff Leak, but officers were never able to locate him. Stock at Trent Live Reports.

On Thursday, September 10, Frost was found dead in a house. Officials believe he has been there for some time.

The inquest into his death has now been opened at the Stoke Civic Center.

North Staffordshire Senior Crown Prince Andrew Barkley said: “On September 16 Badley Green Lane, Badley Green, Gerald was found lying on the floor.

He was lying on the floor with medicine and wine.

Looks like I haven’t seen him in three years.

“An investigation is now open.”

Staffordshire police have confirmed that the force has now referred itself to the Office of Police Conduct (IOPC).

A spokesman said: “After a preliminary investigation, we forced ourselves to go to the IOPC.

Their decision was to return it to the army for local investigation. This is not the case.

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