The motor power is off, know the cause and solution

Kelistrikan Motor Mati

Illustration of motor electrical stopping. Photo: Ist / Net

Dead motor electric motors can cause various damages. On a motorbike, the electrical system is the most important part of supporting motor performance. So minor damage will interfere with the operation of your motor vehicle.

Motorized vehicles require several components to support motor engine performance. It is not uncommon for some motorized vehicle users to underestimate these factors. In order for the motorbike to function normally, we need to make regular repairs.

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With regular maintenance, the components that support the vehicle can be controlled and used. It is indistinguishable from the need for many components to maintain motor performance. Especially in connection with electrical systems.

The motor is off due to power outages

If a motor vehicle suddenly stops in the middle of the road, the first thing to pass is definitely running out of fuel. However, if fuel is still adequate, there are several factors we need to consider.

As the motorbike breaks down, this can happen due to several factors. Here we will discuss the causes of power outage of your motorbike.

Short battery condition

The function of a battery is to store electric power that affects motor performance. However, with the use of motorbikes, the battery power will decrease over time.

This drains the battery and makes it unable to function properly. It is this overdone battery that causes the motor power to die.

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As a result, the lights will turn off and the horn and starter will not turn on so you will need to replace the battery to return the motor to normal operation.

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Own blown fuse

Basically, this fuse is used to protect the motor electrical circuit from large electric currents. Expect high power that can ignite small wires in the electrical circuit of this fuse motor.

This can be caused by the fuse own blowing when the motor power is off and the engine is unable to start even when using a kick start. For your information, there is more than just a fuse in a motor vehicle.

If the lights go out but the starter is still normal, it is likely to own only one fuse, i.e. the electrical body. Conversely, if the light is still on but the engine is off, the engine’s electrical fuse will blow.

A short circuit occurred

A short circuit can occur when the positive current of the battery joins the negative current of the battery directly without passing the electrical load. As a result, all high-capacity currents will flow.

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If a short circuit occurs in the main circuit, it will blow the fuse and completely destroy all motor power. However, when a short circuit occurs on the line without a fuse, the battery is completely drained and becomes overdone.

Usually a short circuit occurs after a motorbike is submerged in water, for example while washing a motorbike or driving through a flood. Do not rush to replace the fuse, you can check the fuse first. Try to see if there is a peeled cable in the motor body.

Broken spool

Damaged spool can also cause electric motor failure. The spool is a component that converts engine speed into electricity. Most of the power comes from the spool, and the battery only glows when the spool is not turned on.

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If the spool is damaged, the engine will not turn so ignition will occur. This is because when the spool is damaged and the engine is still running, the battery still has power. But after some time the motorbike will freeze as the battery fails, so the spark plugs cannot be turned on.

Damage to Kiprock

Kiprock works to control the voltage coming out of the spool so that it does not exceed 14 V. If the kiprock is weak, the voltage sent to the motor power will also be weak, even below 10 V.

As a result, the demand for electricity will be higher than the incoming power supply. Damage to this kiprock is equivalent to a spool. But we need a multimeter to know clearly.

Broken wires

In addition to the above reasons, electric motor failure can also occur due to broken cables. Kiprock and spool are still normal but if the motor cannot be started from the starter, it is because the cable is broken.

It is very difficult to find and the wiring on the motorbike is very complex and intersecting. You must bring a vehicle To the workshop to deal with this dead motor electrical problem. (R10 / HR-Online)

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