The most important news of the week from Brussels

The most important news of the week from Brussels

It was a great moment for Ursula von der Leyen, one of the only things that happens once a year.

As in the United States, the President of the European Commission, in an annual speech, evaluates the political achievements of the past year and sets out the next political goals. The similarities end there.

When the speech of the American President in both houses of Congress is televised in prime time, the European Chief Executive speaks in front of the European Parliament at 9 am, making sure that most European citizens do not see it.

Sin. Because Ursula von der Layne had a lot of important things to say, for example about the epidemic:

European Commission President Ursula von Der Lane: “An epidemic is a marathon, not a sprint. We follow science. We promised it to Europe and the rest of the world. We did it the right way. . “

They applauded European immunization efforts and pledged to provide 200 million doses to the world’s poorest areas. Afghanistan has also been offered an additional 100 million in humanitarian aid. The following year, a European Defense Summit was announced and 2022 was declared the Year of the European Youth.

Over the next year, von de Lane led the fight against Covid and climate change, two of the EU’s top priorities, citing immigration and respect for the rule of law as key issues.

At the end of his speech, he surprised the audience by presenting an Italian gold medal at the Babio Vio at the Paralympics.

Ursula von der Lane, President of the European Commission, reiterated: “This is the spirit of the next generation of Europeans. Let’s make it stronger. “

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Joining us is Rasmussen Global Consultant and former Minister of European Affairs from Ireland.

Euro News: “Was there anything that surprised you in Ursula von Der Lein’s speech? Did it fall into the right key?”

Dara Murphy: “Fortunately nothing surprised me more. I think the Europeans have had enough surprises over the last two years, but yes, I think they’re basically pressing the right buttons. “I think he can take the position. I think in general with one or two minor exceptions. He has touched the political sphere on all major issues, the rule of law, security, business growth and so on.”

Euro News: You mentioned a few topics. Where do you think this is most convincing?

Dara Murphy: “She was more aware of defense and security. They announced that they would communicate with NATO on defense and under the leadership of the French president. He spoke. It was moving. In the right direction. “

Euro News: “Some said you were too lenient with law enforcement, not to mention Poland and Hungary. How do you feel?”

Dara Murphy: “You mentioned the other two member states, you mentioned Slovakia and Malta in the context of press issues and corruption investigations. I honestly have no doubt that there is a strong dialogue between the Commission, Hungary and Poland. , I think there should be clear progress when he gets up to speak at this time next year. “

Euro News: “Challenges remain after speeches. Are von der Lane and the Commission on the right track?”

Dara Murphy: “The first two years of your decree and the first two years of your parliamentary order help us to broadly establish what you need to do. Then we had Kovid, and 55 fits into the package. Promises. We must achieve the goals, but in a way that does not divide Europe socially. This is a bigger goal than setting key goals. “

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It remains to be seen whether Ursula von Der Lane will one day be honored with a memorial.

Perhaps even that monument is encased in the Cristo style, the highest honor for a public building.

It happened this week at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

The arch of the Napoleonic period has seen parades and protests, but silver and blue are not wrapped in reusable fabric.

The posthumous art installation, designed by Cristo in 1961, was built last fall, but an epidemic delayed it – and then Cristo died.

To honor him and Paris, the plan went ahead anyway.

Visitors can now touch the fabric at the base of the arch and on the roof terrace until October 3rd.

That’s all for this edition, I’m Stefan Grobe, thank you for being with us. Have a nice week.

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