The most anticipated new series of 2021

The most anticipated new series of 2021

As for the series, 2020 gave us a great vintage. However, some of the series scheduled for this year have been moved to 2021, the victims of the Kovid-19 Pandemic. So inevitably, the exact dates of some of the unpublished versions of the series for the coming year remain unclear.

We look forward to it The pursuit of love His dream actors (Lily James, Andrew Scott, Dominic West), in Interwar England. Nicole Kidman still showing up in a series in 2021 Nine complete strangers Sure Hulu.

Conversations with friends (Hulu)

After Ordinary people, Released in 2020 Starsplay, The second novel by Irish author Sally Rooney (2017) will consist of twelve episodes. Conversation with friendsIt is a complex story between two university students and former lovers who become friends, Francis and Bobby.

If you like Ordinary people, This new adaptation will please you. We find the same team in the work. Before broadcasting Hulu, It will be broadcast in England BBC Three.

The pursuit of love (BBC, Amazon Prime Video)

Co-production BBC One And Amazon, Is probably the most awaited series of ours. Miniseries, directed by Emily Mortimer, is an adaptation of the 1945 novel of the same name. Among the British aristocrats, two friends, Linda and Fanny, seek love, while their country goes through great social upheavals.

Lily James (Downtown Abbey, Baby driver) Linda will be Radolet. Emily Beach by her side (To Badland), Dominic West (The Wire, The Affair), Andrew Scott (Flybag), Not to forget the unforgettable Hicham Janowski’s Assad Boub Ten percent.

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King of the Rings (Amazon Prime Video)

Announcement from 2017: Amazon Prime Video Will match King of the Rings. It was stopped for a long time and production started a few months ago. Part of the filming, which was delayed due to an epidemic, took place in New Zealand in the summer of 2020.

Unlike movies, the series does not have a star in its cast. The story takes place in the Second Age of Middle-Earth 3000 years before the Trilogy. No picture or release date has been revealed yet. Accordingly Allosin, It should have five seasons.

Lupine (Netflix)

Inspired by the adventure of Arsenal Loop, the series follows Assange Diop (Omar C). His hero is none other than a noble robber, who will be motivated to take revenge on his father. The poster will be shared by Ludwin Sagnier, Clotilde Hesme and Nicole Garcia.

The release is scheduled for January 8th Netflix.

Landscapers (HBO)

After Elizabeth II Crown, Olivia Coleman will star in the criminal series Landscapers, Taken from an original story.

British killer Susan Edwards will play. In 1998, she was sentenced to 25 years in prison with her husband for killing her parents in Mansfield. A news story has been circulating in England recently, as police have not yet found the bodies in 2013. Meanwhile, the couple had moved to Lille.

Anna discovers (Netflix)

This is the next series of Shonda Rims (Gray’s Anatomy and Corruption, The Bridgetton’s Chronicles), They signed an exclusive agreement Netflix.

Based on the true story of Russian con artist Anna Delvi (played by Julia Garner), I have been able to play a wealthy German heir in New York City since 2013, and was finally arrested in 2017, IFinding Anna The journalist investigating the case will be particularly pursued.

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Nine complete strangers (Hulu)

Australian Leon Moriarty deserves an adaptation of her novel, Nine complete strangerss, released in 2018. As in Big Little’s lie, The same author, will play the lead role of Nicole Kidman, who will also produce the series.

The story revolves around a group of nine people who spend ten days in a spa in Australia. Everyone’s secrets will eventually be revealed. The Australian actress will play Masha, the director of the complex. Also starring Melissa McCarthy, Michael Shannon and Luke Evans.

Holston (Netflix)

This is Ryan Murphy’s new five episode series (Gly, American Horror Story, Hollywood, The Politician) Who will drown in the 70s and 80s. Holston Roy Halston, better known as Halston, will focus on Frovike and play Ivan McGregor.

Fashion designer Jackie Kennedy, Lisa Minnelli, Elizabeth Taylor, and Andy Warhol, who died of AIDS in 1990, have marked the fashion of the ’60s. A series that seems promising. Its creator had kept it in mind for twenty years.

The serpent (BBC One)

In eight episodes, the series follows Charles Sobharaj, a serial killer nicknamed “The Serpent” in the ’70s. Known to have killed 15 to 20 people, mainly in Asia, he was assisted by his partner and partner, Marie-Andre Leclerc (played by Jenna Coleman).

The series will air on January 1 BBC One, Then available Netflix.

Wandavision (Disney +)

Event Series Marvel Very outdated and has already been revealed in several trailers. It is a reunion of Wanda, “Scarlet Witch” (played by Elizabeth Olson), and Vision (Paul Bettani). Avengers: The End Game.

Far from the daily lives of superheroes, the couple lives in a beautiful suburb until the neighbors start to suspect something.

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The six-episode series will be available on January 15 Disney +.

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