The “Moonlight” director’s stunning series will soon be available on Amazon: German trailer for “The Underground Railroad” – Kino News

The "Moonlight" director's stunning series will soon be available on Amazon: German trailer for "The Underground Railroad" - Kino News

The “Underground Railroad” is about to launch on Amazon Prime Video. The series is about a young woman trying to escape the horrors of slavery. Here is the German trailer:

Barry Jenkins is one of the best directors in Hollywood after two Oscar-winning films, “Moonlight” and “Beale Street”. Through his new historical miniseries, the director now continues his cinematic examination of the realities of life in the Afro-American population.

Thematically, “The Underground Railroad” is based on the famous novel of the same name by Coulson Whitehead, who won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize. The title refers to a real network of hideouts, smugglers, and people smugglers who helped many slaves escape from the southern states in the nineteenth century. Whitehead’s novel takes the name literally: in its alternate reality, the “Underground Railroad” is actually a secret railway network.

Movie grade series on Amazon Prime Video

Many famous names were collected in front of the camera for the series adaptation of the highly acclaimed novel. Joel Edgerton, Will Poulter, and Lily Robb all fall into historic costume. Tuso Embedu (nominated by Amy for “Istunsi”) can be seen in the main character. In general, you can expect a series that works well on the big screen. The German trailer already shows great images and values. From May 14, all ten episodes of Miniseries will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video:

>> “The Underground Railroad” Bee Amazon Prime Video*

This is the “Underground Railroad”

Young Cora Randall (Tuso Embedu) is captured as a slave in a cotton plantation in Georgia. But it seems that one day she will have a chance to escape from slavery. Newcomer Caesar (Aaron Pierre) tells her about a secret “underground railroad” network that can be used to travel north to freedom. But the escape turned out to be a very dangerous one. An ount beggar hunter (Joel Edgerton) is already on Cora’s leap …

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The trailer is here again for you in the original English language:

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