The moment Romney escapes from the rebels, in front of Senate cameras

The moment Romney escapes from the rebels, in front of Senate cameras

An observational video of Mitt Romney’s U-turn, led by Eugene Goodman, the officer who bravely attacked Capitol, was circulated in the Senate during Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.

The images are silent, taken by Senate surveillance cameras at 1:42 p.m., Jan. 6. It shows Republican Senator Mitt Romney from Utah walking into the corridor of the Ohio Clock next to the Senate Chamber. The man in question Capitol Policeman Eugene Goodman praised the protesters for confusing them He exploded into the capital. Following the officer’s instructions, Mitt Romney quickly turned around and ran to pick up the cover. The video was released on Wednesday, the second day of Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. The House of Representatives accused him of “inciting riots.”

After the pictures were released, Mitt Romney thanked the police officer: “I’m lucky that Officer Goodman was there to help me get in the right direction,” said one of the targets in the wake of the protests against Donald Trump, saying he would have been in serious danger if he had taken the stage against the rebels. Some were equipped with baseball bats and plastic ties. His son Matt responded, “We are grateful for your courage and service, Officer Eugene Goodman !!”

The quick escape of Mike Pence

By diverting the attention of a group of rioters, officers helped secure Mike Pence and removed him from the emergency room after the rioters exploded into the building. Surveillance footage shows the Vice President and his family being evacuated from the building for certification of the Presidential election results – which were interrupted for several hours due to the incidents. Stacey Plaset, a Democrat elected from the US Virgin Islands, told the Senate at the time: “As soon as Pence was evacuated, the rebels began to disperse across the capital. Insiders helped outsiders from several locations throughout the building. Because of his patriotism, the crowd sought Vice President Pence because the Vice President refused to do anything the President asked for and invalidated the election results. “”Washington PostLast month it was already shown that the exodus of the Republican had taken place at the last minute: 14 minutes had elapsed between the incursion of the first rebels and the departure of Mike Pence. A minute later, some Donald Trump supporters were standing on the same floor 30 meters from a room set up with his wife and daughter.

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In the days before the capital attack, Donald Trump had appealed to his vice president, Assured at the meetings that he had the power to “send back to the states” and cancel the defeat. This is unconstitutional: Mike Pence, following the rules, testified to the success of electoral college-elected Joe Biden after numerous statements and legal appeals that began the Trump campaign on January 6 – no one has confirmed the leadership of the Democrats – he received more than seven million votes nationally than Donald Trump. Some of the rebels called the former Indiana governor a “traitor.”

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