The Minotaur statue that appeared on a lake in Argentina scares tourists Tourism

The Minotaur statue that appeared on a lake in Argentina scares tourists  Tourism
Production / LM Nuquen

The image was found at the bottom of Lake Mari Menoko

A minaret about 1.5 meters in size has been found at the bottom of Lake Mari Menuco, intimidating residents and tourists in the Argentine city of Nguyen. The picture was seen by a man identified as LMNeuquén, a local newspaper nicknamed Christian. When she first saw him, he was kayaking with his family on the lake in April.

After reaching the shore, Christian called his cousin and returned to the place where they had seen the sculpture. They moved into the water as close as they could, but they could not move or move it. A mask was found next to the Christian sculpture, and research into the origins of the paintings began, as did the LMNeuquén reporting team. Mapuche discovered an ancient local concept that was part of the culture, and it was a kind of energy or water conservation institution that the ancient natives of the area asked for permission before coming into contact with this element of nature.

The newspaper’s team found two local artists – who kept their identities secret and took responsibility for the pieces. They revealed that Minotor was founded in February this year. The artists relied on a third friend who helped them design the statue and mask digitally. They looked for a supernatural creature to protect the water to raise an environmental warning.

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