The minimum rate for large companies is 15% –

The minimum rate for large companies is 15% -

Historical agreement. It was defined by everyone from English Chancellor Rishi Sunak to French Finance Minister Bruno Le Meyer. The G7 finance ministers arrived in London on a global tax deal. According to the agreement, “the minimum global rate of taxation for large companies is 15%, in principle, applicable by country”, which the British Treasury wrote on Twitter, which could lead to “a tax evasion error”. A fair share of Big Tech multinationals. According to the Treasury, “leading global companies, with a dividend of at least 10%, will redistribute 20% of all profits above this limit and pay taxes to the countries where they sell.”

Cases of Amazon and Microsoft

The reference is to cases like Amazon or Microsoft, which have so far been able to evade any tax rate through the legal residential system in places other than those where their profits are pocketed, which exploded further during the pandemic. Thanks to a residence in Bermuda, for sensitive cases such as the Zero Tax, which the local Microsoft branch in Ireland paid 315 billion euros in annual profits.

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