The Mini Countryman Rally provided by X-Raid was unveiled with a pedigree

Mini Countryman provided by X Raid 16

For the past several years, the mini rally has been writing history but with a twist. While the original car was known for its outstanding performance in the 1960s and subsequent years, the 2000s came with a different approach, with the brand successfully competing with its partner X-Raid at the Dakar Rally. In fact, the British brand was one of the most successful at this event, and now we have a Countryman model, with some expertise gathered over the years in the desert.

While no one considers it the right dirt-track model, the Mini Countryman is the most likely model to be used off-road. However, it is now the only SUV with the winged badge to be developed, so it was a clear choice for this particular edition built in conjunction with the X-RAID. All we have left is a special Mini Countryman that offers the X-RAID version, which will turn some heads.

X Raid 13 830x553 Powered Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman offered by the X-Ride model comes with a high ground clearance and a different set of wheels, capable of withstanding serious sharp rocks along the way. According to X-Raid, the car is now equipped for individual challenges in off-road terrain.

Increasing the vehicle’s ride height and larger format for wheel rims and tires increases the overall clearance of the Mini Countryman to 40mm. As a result, the forging depth and ramp angle are significantly optimized.

Wheels specially developed for the rally provide effective protection against tire damage. The strong rim ensures that the entire wheel does not need to be replaced in the event of damage to the rocks. This creates a strong visual impact and hides high tire parts.

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There is no mention of other changes made to the car or how the ride height was increased; Whether it was done by changing shocks or by some other tactic. One thing is for sure: this countryman definitely looks better than ever.

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