The meteorite reads about the Vikings in the United States, the genes and cradle of the sun.

The meteorite reads about the Vikings in the United States, the genes and cradle of the sun.

All parts of the meteorite can be seen here Twins website Or in the mobile app mujRozhlas.

Do we know when the Vikings discovered America?

Christian Krog: Leaf Erickson discovers America

Textbooks say that for about 500 years, Christopher Columbus was the first European to come to the United States to find it. But have you ever wondered why this continent is called America instead of Colombia? It is followed by another sailor, Amerigo Vespucci.

He was the first to map the eastern coast of the continent and to claim the mainland before Columbus. But the dispute is useless. Today we know that the Vikings were the first to arrive in the United States.

New research has determined their arrival in present-day Canada with exactly one year. Dr. Meteor talked about the great method. John Havelick from the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

The largest creature

The gigantic flounder is really huge

The largest animal in the world is the giant whale, also known as the blue whale. Length 33 m, weight more than 150 tons. Yes, some dinosaurs were big, but not so heavy. We still do not have to go to the depths of the ocean to find the largest creature.

He lives on land. This is not an animal, it is a mushroom. Whiting is a dwarf, considering the whole organism, including the fungus. We remembered this in the section on what happened on this day that Ing was preparing. FRANTISEC HODEK.

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Can flowers count to five?

A strange fly caught the prey

The strange flycatcher is a carnivorous plant. With its snare-shaped leaves in the shape of human kidneys, it can catch insects, immobilize them and use them as food. There are hairs on the inside of the leaf, and thanks to it, the plant notices that something is moving in the leaf.

But how do you make sure the sheet does not return blank? This makes her very tired and unnecessary. It does not happen, because the plant can be counted as five! The researchers conducted a new experiment by anesthetizing the plant with ether. The experiment was described by biologist Prof. Jaroslav Peter.

First reading of the genome

Prof.  Vaclav Pace

Today, DNA reading is fast becoming a regular part of research. But in the 1980s, reading the complete genome of an organism was a major challenge.

Prof. Vaclav Pace won second in the world and first in the Eastern Bloc. In 1986 he read the complete genome of the PZA virus. During his recent jubilee, he recalled difficult situations and his reaction to the discovery in Meteor.

Where is the cradle of the sun?

The Milky Way galaxy, which marks the position of our Sun.

Today we know that the Sun is an average star in a galaxy of about 200 billion stars. This galaxy has a spiral shape about 100,000 light-years across, and the Sun is located about one-third the center and edge of the galaxy. Today the sun is out. But can we answer the question of where it was about 4.5 billion years ago?

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We know that the Sun revolves around the center of the galaxy and orbits it about 20 times. Prof. Zdeněk Mikulášek from the Faculty of Science at the University of Mazar-e-Islami wonders if we have any evidence of the cradle of the sun.

How do sheep, pigs and elephants play?

Even the pigs are playing.  How?  Discovered meteorite

When you say pig, you usually start to think about what it means to be dirty, rough, and thick. But pigs are different from what people think. Although they may look ugly at first glance, these are very clean animals. Also, the pigs are quite intelligent.

So it should come as no surprise that they are playing. How exactly do pigs, sheep or elephants play? We read about this in Grada’s book, Notable Discoveries from the Animal World.

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