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The media tax will ensure that there are Irish voices in the ‘Content Tsunami’

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The new Media Tax will ensure protection for programs and sounds that “reflect Irish life”.

That’s according to Larry Bass, producer and CEO of Shinawatra, who talked about replacing the existing TV license with a broader media tax.

However, reports indicate that there are differences in how the new system will work.

Irish Examiner It says The government is divided over how much of the extra funds should be diverted, as it could lead to increased costs.

Larry said Breakfast Diary Even though people do not watch TV, they still use Irish content.

“There are very few people in Ireland who do not watch television.

“They may not watch RTÉ TV, but they do watch TV.

“More and more people watching Netflix are also seeing Irish content online.

“So they may not see it on a terrestrial channel, but they do see it online. ⁇

He says privilege should help protect that content.

“What we are trying to do here is to make sure we have Irish content, and that in every tsunami of media content, there will be something that reflects Irish life and Irish content.

“I think we’re looking at a load of media outlets that are making the right talk to some national newspapers and local and Irish radios,” he said. ⁇

He said there should be strong plans.

“I hope the report draws a kind of resemblance to what the new charge will look like as a great way to spend those funds.

“It simply came to our notice then.

“So by expanding that collection network, there will be a more robust collection system. ⁇

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And he believes people should pay to see local content.

“It has been thrown on the road for years and has not been caught, especially this nettle.

“But people all over the world want to have a place to preserve local and national content. ⁇

Citing a referendum in Switzerland, he said the television license would be revoked, adding that people there “voted overwhelmingly to keep it.”

The media tax will ensure that there are Irish voices in the ‘Content Tsunami’

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