The mayor shared his mobile phone number. People thought this was wrong.

Although the situation has caught the attention of many people, Altinova residents said the situation is not surprising to them, as the door to the office room has been open for 17 years and they are constantly in the country and able to reach their mobile phones. Whenever they need it.

Altinova Mayor Dr. Metin Oral’s social media sharing;

“0532 656 3989 – My personal number

461 29 40 – Altonova Municipality

Come on, Bismillah! When Rasip said aban, it was Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, the month of prosperity, solidarity, spiritual love and affection, our phones are open not only to our hearts but to all your needs and wants. I greet you all with fruitful prayers. May our Ramadan be blessed.

“Everyone already has my number, I’ve shared it for a new move”

In a short time on social media, Altonova Mayor Dr. Metin O’Reilly said, “My office door is open to everyone, it’s not closed for 17 years. I’m valued and always my fellow city dweller. We have not known the boundaries of love or service for 17 years, but this love, this love is mutual, may Allah please them, he spoke.

The mayor shared his mobile phone number!  Those who saw it thought it was a mistake
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