The mass of man-made objects is now greater than that of all biomass

Scientists say the amount of human-made stuff now outweighs biomass on Earth.

If there is one thing that humanity is becoming more aware of about this century, it is our influence on the environment. Many of the alarming environmental reports we received Visceral And Easy to understand, Some are very subtle. For example, a new study from Israel says that this year – the mass of man-made objects will exceed all living things on Earth.

Patron A team of scientists at the Weissman Institute of Science in the city of Rehove reported on a new study. The published study was led by Ron Milo, a professor of plant and environmental sciences at the university. Nature, Gives an overview in the video above.

According to Milo, he and his team calculated the mass of the Earth’s “human race” and the planet’s biomass. Scientists define anthropology as the inclusion of anything that humans produce. For example, phones, cars or buildings.

On the other hand, it is the total mass of organic matter Biomass On earth; E.g. plants, animals, fungi, bacteria, etc. Milo and co included only dry biomass, however reducing the amount of water. (Scientists may have used dry biomass as a metric because the moisture content of biomass varies depending on its environment.)

In short, the team wanted to find out exactly what anthropogenic mass would outperform biomass. It was a necessity, Milo says, “when we humans go out.”Karaka act shala objects”At an accelerating rate. At the same time, the total amount of organic matter remains constant. In fact, per person, on average, doubles their weight in anthropogenic mass Per week.

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Scientists say the amount of man-made material is now greater than that of living things on Earth.

Weissman Institute of Science

Look, scientists have found that by 2020, the Earth’s human population will be higher than its biomaterials. 1.2 Teraton mass and a teratone biomass of nature. For reference, a teraton Is a trillion metric tons.

You ess the result that scientists expect the study to have: they want humanity to be more aware of its impact on the environment.

“Studies will take a bigger picture of the planet in 2020,” Milo said Press release From the University. This review can provide a critical insight into our important role in shaping the face of the earth in the present era. Anthropocene, ”He added.

Scientists have also launched a website to help people understand how big the “footprints” of mankind are on Earth. The site is a happy guilt trip, showing us how fast humans can turn nature into stuff.

Feature Image: Weissman Institute of Science

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