The manned mission to the lunar surface resumes in February 2022

The manned mission to the lunar surface resumes in February 2022

New Delhi: Before humans return, a spacecraft will conduct an experimental launch around a natural satellite, which could lead to the long-term permanent residence of mankind. The Orion spacecraft, which orbits the moon as part of NASA’s Artemis mission, was fully loaded into the space launch system (SLS) in February 2022.

After completing the stacking of the spacecraft on the rocket, NASA will begin a series of experiments related to the preparation for the mission. First, the tests will be analyzed as an integrated system, built on each other, and preparations for the launch day will begin in a simulation on the launch pad.

According to NASA, Artemis-I will lay the foundation for future deep space travel and establish the ability to develop human civilization to and from the moon.

“What does this milestone mean?” get it. This point. Our team has shown great dedication in preparing for the launch of Artemis-I.

About the Artemis Mission

The US-led Artemis mission is one of the largest manned space missions ever conducted.

Two astronauts will travel from the Moon’s orbit to the Moon’s surface for the first time: Mankind Never Gone: Lunar South Pole.

As part of the mission, NASA will return to the lunar surface, landing the first woman and the first person of color on the moon. The agency plans to build a complex on the lunar surface and a flybase in orbit, allowing drones and humans to “explore and operate more science than ever before.” From 2024, NASA plans to deploy a team to the moon once a year.

What is the Orion spacecraft?

The Orion spacecraft is designed to carry passengers and cargo on space missions starting from the moon. The spacecraft will take part in a series of more difficult missions. In about three weeks, the unmanned craft Orion will travel thousands of kilometers across the moon, preparing the ground for later missions with astronauts.

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