The man who cleaned the pool sees a black spot in the water and finds what he doesn’t want

The man who cleaned the pool sees a black spot in the water and finds what he doesn't want

A pool cleaner was working at a customer’s home when he encountered an unpleasant scene: a mysterious black spot crawling in the water.

Recorded video, showing Dave DeLucia with a large sieve – removing dirt from a pool – went viral on TikTok, essentially without showing what the stain was.

The case took place in Florida (USA), where it is quite common to get some visits from alligators in homes. But this time the animal that wanted a new bath was a different reptile. Look!

@lifestooshoort You never know what’s swimming in the pool during your stay #SouthFlorida #What is a pond? #Igots ♬ Original sound – Tik Toker

With a huge response, Dave decided to post part two, finally revealing what the big black stain at the bottom of the pool was. The truth is that it was a huge ant with very sharp teeth and claws.

The pond cleaner was able to safely remove the animal and discovered that the iguana was living on land near the customer’s home.

According to professionals, there are many fruits and exotic trees. Therefore, he assumed that the reptile would fall directly into the pond from one of them.

Watch part two!

@lifestooshoort No iguanas were harmed in this video. 😜 #Iguana #SouthFlorida #saved # Attackers ♬ Jurassic Park Theme – Voidoid
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