The majority of voters want a referendum on independence

The majority of voters want a referendum on independence

The majority of voters in Scotland want a new referendum on the independence of this British country, reflecting the loopholes born in Brexit and pressuring Boris Johnson to accept such a vote. According to a poll published on Sunday, January 24th Sunday Times (In English), 50% of Scottish voters support a referendum on independence. Excluding those who do not make a decision, 52% of respondents support freedom. The vote also indicates that 51% of voters in Northern Ireland should hold a vote of confidence in the Irish reorganization, signaling another rift in the country’s unity.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, who is also the leader of the SNP separatists, has been calling for a vote of confidence on Scottish independence for months, after 55% of Scots in 2014 said “no” and failed in their camp. To freedom. They cite Brexit as an argument to distance themselves from the United Kingdom, against the will of the majority of Scots. They hope that Scotland, once independent, will finally be able to join the European Union.

In 2016, 51.9% of the British voted in favor of Brexit, while 62% opposed Scots leaving the European Union. But the decision to hold a new referendum rests with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Boris Johnson clearly fears the fate of the Scottish people”, Condemned Nicola Sturgeon, in an interview with the BBC on Sunday. A strong SNP victory in next May’s local elections will increase the pressure on London to accept the new consultation. UK election specialist John Curtis predicts the SNP will win seven seats from 2016.

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SNP unveiled a “Roadmap for a referendum”, denoted by a “Legal Referendum” If there is a pro-independence majority in the Scottish Parliament after this election, it will take place after the epidemic. The party adds that it will oppose “Intensely” To any legal challenge to the British Government. Asked about the possibility of holding a consultative referendum after the election, overcoming London’s rejection, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Legal Referendum”. “The question is not what I want or what Boris Johnson wants, it’s what the Scots want, and there is more and more evidence that they want freedom.”, They told the BBC.

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