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The main character of the Netflix sequel is more famous than Ragnar

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The Vikings, the popular historical series, benefited above all from its complex main character, Ragnar Lodbrock. Netflix’s Continuing Vikings: Valhalla needs these big steps 2021 is over Fill with the more famous Viking:

Leaf Erickson.

Vikings 2.0: Ragnar’s successor is considered the first European in North America

Contrary to Ragnar, you’ve probably heard of Leaf Erickson in the history class. Ragnar Lodbrock a The great warrior of that time That’s right, only experts know his name.

Icelander Leaf Eriksson, on the other hand, has been considered since 1961 The first European on North American soil (Sorry, Christopher Columbus). He was a great explorer and one of the most famous Vikings.

Leaf Erickson

Leaf Eriksson was born into a family known as that. as well as Leaf, lucky Called, he discovered North America by chance. He was actually on his way to Greenland.

The Vikings, the sequel to Netflix’s Vikings: Valhalla takes this famous Viking as captain directly to the horizon. In the listings The most famous Vikings Leaf Eriksson, father Eric the Red, and sister Friedez Eriksdottir are always at the forefront.

With that, Netflix draws a sequel (at least before the Viking series) The more well-known family Than the main characters in the new series, the loadbrokes. It offers those responsible for the Viking: Valhalla many historical templates.

Vikings Valhalla on Netflix: This is how Leaf Eriksson differs from Ragnar

At History We read that Leaf Eriksson was born in Iceland, but most likely Raised in Greenland Is. In contrast to Ragnar, who went from a simple farmer to a great leader and a Viking warrior, Leaf is already starting Known father.

Leaf’s famous father Eric Thorvaldson, And Eric the Red He was the founder of the first European, continuous settlement in Greenland. according to Biography He lived from 970 to 1000, and Leaf Erickson from 970 to 1020.

From the popular father’s point of view, Leaf Erickson can be compared to Ragnar’s sons Jorn, Ivar and Company, compared to Ragnar’s Lodbrock.

Another essential difference between Ragnar and Leaf Erickson, the next Viking protagonist, is that they are far apart. Away from the Norwegian center And their people Without raids Those who played an important role in the Vikings for Ragnar. According to his account information personal information What’s on Netflix Is he? “A new breed of Viking“.

Vikings: Ragnar in a commotion

All of this is happening long after the events of Ragnar’s children, which ends in Vikings Season 6 Part 2. Strictly speaking, the Vikings: Valhalla is over 170 years after the Vikings Play as the original series ends around AD825 and Valhalla In 1000 begin.

Viking’s first season: Valhalla is expected to launch on Netflix at the end of 2021.

More exciting information about Vikings Valhalla can be found on the MoviePilot Podcast

In the movie Pilot Podcast Stream Flurry, Esther Straw and I Vikings Season 6 Part 2, Vikings: Valhalla:

We talk about the course of the best characters in Viking, the sequel to Netflix and what we already expect to be big fans.

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What do you expect most in Viking: Valhalla?

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