The longest dinosaur, 42 meters in size, was found in the Supersorus fossil

The longest dinosaur, 42 meters in size, was found in the Supersorus fossil, Jakarta Superposers have discovered the world’s largest and longest dinosaur fossil. At the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology 2021 Conference.

This supersonic fossil site was first excavated 1972 Colorado, United States. At the time, numerous dinosaur bones were found, and the area became known as the “Bone Salad.”

Initially, researchers thought that there were 3 different types of dinosaur fossils in the bone salad area. There are many reasons Ancient bone fossils With different sizes.

But when re-examined, fossils in Colorado point to a new dinosaur species. Even more surprising is the fact that the dinosaur fossil has a longer body size than the animal fossils found before.

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Reported Telset From USA Today, Saturday (20/11/2021), Its body length from head to tail ranges from 39 m to 42 m. The size is very long, so the researchers gave it this name Dinosaur That’s it.

Supersores are thought to have lived about 154 million years ago in the Cretaceous. This elongated dinosaur was a herbivore, so it was not an aggressive dinosaur.

The discovery of the world’s longest dinosaur fossil was presented at the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology Conference on November 5, 2021, and has not yet been published in a research journal. However, experts have criticized the claim that the superpower is the largest dinosaur.

Supersource Comparison with the Human Body (Source: Live Science)

According to Brian Curtis, a paleontologist at the Arizona Museum of Natural History, dinosaurs lived much longer than supernovae.

Bryan’s hypothesis is based on the difficulties of archaeologists in compiling fossils of this ancient animal. It is difficult for many to measure the length of a dinosaur species because of incomplete fossils.

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Brian believes that if more fossils are found, new facts about the body size of dinosaurs may emerge. TMore discoveries related to the world’s largest dinosaurs are likely in the future.

Despite Brian’s criticism, the discovery of the largest and longest dinosaur fossil supersorus is evidence that these ancient animals had different sizes in ancient times. (NM / MF)

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