The little boy in the dress questions the “Norman” standard

Transfeminine, non-binary, starring Lilibeth Merle as Norman.

Already in demand in Ireland, Quebec, and our Flemish neighborhood, “Norman” is a nugget for young audiences. The play continues the journey of a toddler who has been suffering from hell since going to school in clothes, with encounters with children around “he”, “she” and “IL”.

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Q.He was born pink and fat, and Norman looked like a “normal” baby. But slowly the little boy became “glossy”. From his sleek backpack to the shiny pink socks, it was as if he was starting to shine a lot. Now I’m proud to put on a dress to go to class at seven. Because it’s so much fun to watch the fabric catch the wind and the ruffles spin! Unfortunately, on the way to school, it wasn’t just her little legs that took the cold. The swells of profanity throughout his journey: “What is it?” A skirt, a tutu, a kilt, a djellaba? More will be lost if he starts making! “

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