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The Lions are close to this achievement, but Munster won 18-16

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Benetton Rugby-Munster is the fifth round retrieval of the Guinness PRO14 2020/2021 originally scheduled for November. Although the Irish opponent is a warship, Kieran Crowley’s army wants to try their first win of the current season of the Celtic, as they are top of the Red Army Conference B with a total of 8 wins from 10 games. In the first half, Munster found the back of the net with two goals from the Lions, but it was more than ten minutes before Ricciണിn’s warning that he fueled the game, found the back of the net with Esposito and approached the guests with two points Allen returned to the locker room with a point (11-12). With the Lions dominating the second half, they go on to score with Sartoy, who will complete his comeback for his team, but by the end of the deadline, Hanrahan have beaten Monster 18-16.

Ready, go 2 at Monster with a sweet name that takes advantage of a favorable return from the Oval of the flag after a football at the bottom of the Manchester. Healy lost posts. At nine o’clock the guests take advantage of a personal error of the Lions coming out of their defense and mark the second sign of the Niel Scanel Irish; Healy is right this time. The Lions want to respond, and the victorious Halafihi is trying to make the accusation. On the 23rd the yellow card for the holder tackle arrives in Richioni. Without giving up the green and white, Captain Barbini scored a turnover, sending Allen his touch in the line of 22 opponents from the ensuing penalty. A multi-faceted performance by Benetton Rugby alongside Hayward from Lineout finds Angelo Esposito, 26, on the right wing, aiming for the green and white of the flag without stepping to the edge with excellent footsteps. Allen does not convert. The Red Army makes two mistakes in a row, always the first half from Treviso still in touch with the Irish 22nd. The Lions find the continuation of the game and Munster score another penalty. Benetton decides to go to the rugby posts and Tomaso Allen adds three points to his team. Riccioni returns to the pitch and balances the players on the pitch again. At a meeting point, Teramo Pylon made a very valuable turnover, and Benetton determined the position. Tomaso Allen is good at editing posts, and in the meantime we go down one point (11-12) with green and white.

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Leaving the locker room, Captain Barbini got another valuable one that broke. Benetton is always on track, with sealed brakes percussion backed by Barbini and Esposito, one step away from heavy marking. After receiving a good tactical kick from Riara to restart Meister at 22, Kieran Crowley decides to throw the Ls on the green and white debut, replacing the injured Halafihi with Snyman and Petinelli. After that Monster has a free kick in favor and decides to go to the posts, Ben Healy puts it right. The hosts still have a chance to get through, but for a few details they don’t get to the goal. It is also the turn of Petrosi, Pascual and Sarto to give life to the Treviso team. The Lions, who lost a quarter of the game, try to find their second goal of the evening. There is an offside run by the Irish, with Allen contacting 22 at Munster. It follows the green-and-white drumming action of reaching the target with Benventi, but the Red Army’s defense is guarded at high altitudes. Bennett Rugby, however, did not give up, and in the ensuing May, Howard allowed newcomer Leonardo Sarto to score on 71 on the right wing. Alan is inaccurate from the pitch. Green and white get another major turnover and rise at some point. But in the end, Hanrahan beat Monster 18-16 with a single.

Marking: 2 meta sweetener, 9 meta nial scanner tr. Ben Healy, 26 ′ Meta Esposito, 33 p. Allen, 40 ′ p. Alan; 54 p.m. Ben Healy, 71 ′ Meta Sarto, 80 ്രോ Drop Hanrahan.

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Notes: 23 ′ yellow card in Richion (BEN). Transformations: Benetton Rugby 0/2 (Alan 0/2); Munster Rugby 1/2 (Ben Healy 1/2). Penalties: Benetton Rugby: 2/2 (Alan 2/2); Munster Rugby 1/1 (Ben Healy 1/1). Man of the Match: Marco Barbini (Ben).

Benetton Rugby: 15 Jayden Howard, 14 Angelo Esposito (60 ′ Leonardo Sarto), 13 Joaquin Riera, 12 Ignacio Brex, 11 Tomaso Benoventi, 10 Tomaso Allen, 9 season Braley (58 ′ Luka Petrosi), 8 To Halafihi (51 ′ Giova) 7 Manuel Suliani (29 സിയ Tziano Pascuali, 33 ുവ Manuel Suliani, 70 ′ Alberto Sagarbi), 6 Marco Barbini (c), 5 Federico Rusa, 4 Irബ്ne Herbst (51 ലി Eli Sniman), 3 Marco Riccioni (60 ′ Tiziano) 2 Thomas Baravalle (51 ′ Corneal Els), 1 Thomas Gallo (54 Nicola Quaglio). Head Coach: Kieran Crowley.

Monster Rugby: 15 Mike Haley, 14 Liam Coombs, 13 Dan Goggins, 12 Rory Scannel, 11 Darren Sweetnam (59’Damian de Allende), 10 Ben Healy (58 ′ JJ Hanrahan), 9 Nick McCarthy, 8 Gavin Coombs (45 ′ Tommy O’Brien) ‘Donnell), 7 Chris Clotte, 6 Jack O’Donoghue, 5 Billy Holland (C), 4 Finn Wicherley (69 ′ Thomas Arhen), 3 Stephen Archer (58 John Ryan), 2 Niall Schannel (58 വി Kevin O’Byron) ), 1 Josh Witcherley (51 Jeremy Loffman). A Disposition: 21 Paddy Patterson. Head Coach: Johan van Gran.

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