The leper is a mythical creature from Ireland


The leper is a creature that originates from Irish folklore. Because of his appearance, he can be likened to a leper or a sprite. Many stories and legends are associated with it, making it a work that piques the interest of children, not just adults. If you want to know more about leprosy, here you are to satisfy your curiosity.

Mythological origin

Leprosy is mentioned in Lebor Gabala Eren, also known as the Book of Invasions. You will definitely find it there More information about leprosy. It is a collection of poems and mythological stories that chronicle the history of Ireland from the creation of the world to the Middle Ages.

The work reports that the lapprechauns are descendants of a race of fantastic creatures called the Tuatha de Dannan. They would try to invade Ireland with their fearsome Druids. Following their defeat, a treaty was made between these people and the Gallic people.

Gaelics can rule the planet while lepers can rule the buried part of the world (underground, forest, hidden places). The leper is celebrated today on St. Patrick’s Day. And the costumes of this character The Irish are lucky Sold for this event.

A strange character

Leprosy is known for its behavior, which is strange to say the least. If you want to know more about it, follow A video about this leper May be able to help you. It is characterized by short stature and stocky appearance. He is dressed in green and wears a cobbler’s apron and a top hat. His character is not the nicest.

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The leper will certainly be very stingy, angry and disagreeable. Also, he tends to drink copious amounts of Doodins, an alcohol similar to whiskey. And let us not forget his pipe, which he never took apart and allowed to smoke an unknown herb. A leper is described as a daily moody creature. He is mostly social and solitary.

According to one legend, this creature was born from the union between a human and a spirit. However, these two worlds do not agree. Its habitat is limited to thickets, from which it reaches other ravines.

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