The latest increase in Kovid-19 cases shows the ‘unpredictable nature’ of the virus

The latest increase in Kovid-19 cases underscores the “unpredictable nature” of the deadly virus. Tony Holohan comments.

Seven deaths and 482 new cases were reported on Friday evening.

While the Chief Medical Officer commended the efforts to prevent the spread of the deadly virus, he appealed to the people to maintain social distance and take other precautions.

“On December 1, we can go where we want to go,” he said.

The new 128 cases are in Dublin, 45 in Cork, 43 in Waterford, 24 in Donegal, 24 in Myth, 36 in Limerick and the remaining 182 in 20 other countries.

As of 2 p.m., 258 Kovid-19 patients were hospitalized, 35 of whom were in the intensive care unit, for a total of 12 additional hospitals.

This is 34 fewer hospitalizations, two less cases in intensive care, and 12 fewer additional hospitals compared to the previous seven days.

Dr. Holohan said: “Case numbers () are an important reminder of the unpredictable nature of this epidemic.

“The hard work of all of us is to be commended, but we must not allow our success to leave our guards to prevent the spread of this disease.

“We need to stick to public health advice: keep a distance of two meters, wash your hands, cover your face where appropriate, and limit yourself to essential contacts from our own home.

If we can continue the high level of adaptation, we can go where we want on December 1st.

The latest figures are quite different from the 270 new cases in which one death occurred on Monday, November 9th.

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Yesterday, 542 new cases were reported and on Tuesday, November 10, 16 deaths were reported.

Last week’s figures show how quickly things can change for the better and for the worse.

For example, on November 6, eight new deaths were reported.

Four days later one was recorded.

The next day, however, 16 deaths were reported – 14 of which were confirmed in November.

The latest figures show how widespread the virus is in the country.

For example, on Friday, November 6, new cases were found in 24 counties.

Seven days later it rose to 26 counties.

A total of 607 people were found to be positive for Covid-19 and 11 more died in Northern Ireland yesterday.

The figures come amid a dispute between political parties in Northern Ireland over how to circumvent current circuit breaker restrictions.

The decision has raised concerns in the Republic, where the rate of infection is four times lower than in Northern Ireland.

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