The latest feature in Google Pay .. Everything is in the hands of the user ..!

The latest feature in Google Pay .. Everything is in the hands of the user ..!

Google Pay is a new feature

This feature was introduced following the payment policies introduced by the Government of India. This latest feature gives Google Pay users more control over their data. At the same time, Google Pay ensures that users keep their information confidential wherever it comes from. The newly introduced feature will take effect from next week. This feature puts user data under user control. However, Google Pay clarifies that this new feature only applies to personal accounts and not to business accounts. Google says this does not currently apply to the Transaction History Delete feature, as merchant transactions are high on all loans and loans.

About the last 10 transactions ..

About the last 10 transactions ..

The new feature offers users the option to delete information related to the last ten transactions if they do not want to see it. Introduced a tag for this. All Android and iOS users need to do is update their app to get the same feature. Google Pay has revealed that with this new feature coming into effect next week, Google Pay users will have more flexibility to control their data. Google gives you the option to turn the controls on or off after updating the Google Pay application.

For security privacy purposes only ...

For security privacy purposes only …

Google Pay Vice President Ambareesh Kenge said that security and privacy are the two most important factors of any payment product, while it would be better if the payment information was under their control. He also said that personal information or transaction history should not be shared with another Google product for advertising. The report says that it will store only the information needed to complete the transaction and will limit it. Ambareesh said if the customer wants to delete it, they will not even have that information.

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Ambareesh said that Google is careful enough to keep personal information control in the hands of the user. The number of UPI payments has increased in India. The highest number of transactions took place in January, especially through Walmart-owned PhonePay and GooglePay. 968 million transactions were made through PhonePay … 853 million payments were made through Google Pay.

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