The Late Late Show: Ryan Tubridi did not speak due to the wonderful gestures of Gay Byrne’s widow Kathleen Watkins.

The Late Late Show: Ryan Tubridi did not speak due to the wonderful gestures of Gay Byrne's widow Kathleen Watkins.

Gay Byrne’s wife, Kathleen Watkins, left Ryan Tubridi speechless last night and presented him with one of her husband’s toy show jumpers.

In her first TV interview after the tragic passing of the RTE legend last year, the author opened up about Gay’s last days and the manner in which he saw the recording of his funeral months ago.

She said: “We were amazed to see him stay at home for days, and we chatted around the bed. We angled the bed to the lighthouse he liked. A few days after Gay died, someone asked me, ‘Are you losing Gay?’ Telling someone is a terrible thing, because you never know when someone is gone and you don’t.

“I remember a woman whose son was killed in the Omag bombing. I remember what she said about him. She said, ‘He’s gone, he’s gone.’

“It simply came to our notice then. You never know when that person might be gone. ”

The former Irish broadcaster, 85, has been hospitalized several times since her husband’s death, but now she feels “well”.

They confirmed that the late presenter will be part of this year’s Late Toy Show – the speechless Ryan promises to raise one of his invaluable jumpers to raise money for homeless charitable causes.

Kathleen explained that she had given the gift while walking around Dublin city center where she first saw the problem of homelessness.

She said: “I saw homeless people everywhere, three or four people lying on the sidewalk, hiding behind doors. It was very sad. ”

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