The ‘Last’ Shock in Innocent Apartment, TRT1’s Psychology Theme Series! It will make you forget what you know

The 'Last' Shock in Innocent Apartment, TRT1's Psychology Theme Series!  It will make you forget what you know

Despite the intense interest of the audience in the first season, Innocent made a radical decision regarding the apartment project and could not achieve the same result in the second season. The screen life of Innocent Apartment is coming to an end, revealing the psychology of each character in the serial and the ailments they experience with all the realism.

There is a big surprise in the trailer for the 62nd episode of Mount Gonul! The decision is made, and in the end it works

The adventure of Innocent Apartment, which was created for TV, will officially end in 2004 with the chapter “Trash Apartment” from the novel “Inside the Medallion” introduced to readers by Gulseran Budayoglu, author, psychiatrist and presenter. A few days. The Innocent Apartments series, co-authored by Rana Mamatlıoğlu and Deniz Madanoğlu and produced by Onur Güvenatam, is set to release on September 15, 2020 on TRT1.

The Innocent Apartment series, which failed to reach the expected ratings and suffered a significant drop from its first season, will bid farewell to viewers with its 71st episode airing on Tuesday, May 24th.

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