“The Last Initiative”. Who’s the bastard? – Free daily

"The Last Initiative".  Who's the bastard?  - Free daily

Today, Tuesday, June 7, speaks Russian high name. Before Dmitry Medvedev, The former Russian president who branded the West “bastard ***” and the super-hawk, added that his desire was to “eliminate them”. As a sincere democrat, he promised to do everything he could. Here he is Sergei ShoiguMinister of Defense at the center of a thousand mysteries that take stock of the Ukraine occupation.

Is part of Severodontesk, Assures that “the Russians have regained full control of the residential area.” Therefore, in Lugansk he explains: “97% of the territory of the People’s Republic was liberated“Then the figures:” The total number of Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered to the Russian army was 6,489, “he calculated, and surrendered.”

Shoigu claimed to be Ukrainian ports When Berdyansk e Mariupol, Under the control of the Moscow army, “they have removed landmines and are ready to resume exports of grain”. Finally, the announcement regarding the “release” Svatogorsk, In the Donetsk region, at what time, with all the hypocrisy of the world, the Minister continues to call a “special military operation”. “An important part of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics on the left bank of the river Seversky DonekKrasny Liman, Svatogorsk cities and 15 other settlements were liberated, “said Ria Novosti.

The minister was quoted as saying that the largest settlements occupied by the Russian army Studenok, Yarovia, Kirovsk, Yampol, Drobishevo. Svatogorsk It is located in the northern part of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, 40 km southeast of the city of Izium in the Kharkiv region, which is now under Russian military control.

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