The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Crossfire .. Accounts hacked and stolen

The largest cryptocurrency exchange in Crossfire .. Accounts hacked and stolen

The cryptocurrency platform Coinbase has been criticized for poor customer service, following reports that user accounts have been hacked and funds drained.

According to CNBC, thousands of consumers have complained about Coinbase, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, with a trading volume of $ 65 billion.

The media network reported that hackers interviewed several Coinbase customers who claimed their accounts had been leaked, exacerbating the platform’s unresponsiveness to support requests.

“Interviews with Coinbase customers across the country and reviews of thousands of complaints reveal a pattern of account acquisitions, where users see funds suddenly disappear from their accounts, and then poor Coinbase customer service hangs over these users and makes them angry,” she said.

One of the clients is charged Coinbase Tanja Vidovich claims to have lost about $ 168,000 worth of cryptocurrency after receiving several password change security warnings in April. Attempts to contact Coinbase by phone were unsuccessful.

After another customer logged into the Coinbase app with CNBC in March, about $ 35,000 in various crypto assets disappeared from his account. Coinbase’s regulatory response team eventually sent an email to the victim, adding that blockchain transactions were unchangeable and that Coinbase’s insurance policy did not cover theft from personal accounts.

In March, the New York Times published an article about a lawsuit filed against the company after a coinbase client lost $ 100,000 in cryptocurrency.

Other Coinbase users went to social media to vent their frustrations. For example, the famous analyst Calio told his 360,000 followers that the company showed “a very shameful display of customer care”.

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The tweet generated numerous responses from other Coinbase customers who have experienced or been hacked for similar support issues. Coinbase has already responded to this complaint, but one person commented: “It will respond and help people with a lot of followers, so they do not go to hell! About us? 5 months without help! Account locked!”

Another Twitter user said: “I have not been able to login to my Coinbase account for about 4 months!”

In April, when the company went public, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong told CNBC, “People don’t have to fear the crypto world like they did in the early days.”

Since 2016, Coinbase users have received more than 11,000 complaints against the platform from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, most of which are related to customer service.

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