The Kovid map turns red

The Kovid map turns red

Earlier this month, Coldiretti expected 15 million foreign tourists to enter Italy from July to August, an increase of 32% year-on-year. We will see if the forecast is confirmed or if the sector data has been causing fear for weeks Tourism recovery In our country it should be postponed to at least next year. The Kovid Emergency, which fueled the Delta variant, has not disappeared.

Yesterday, bad news came from the US. White House House Spandemic Adviser Anthony Fauzi said people who have been vaccinated can pass on the Delta variant, so he renewed his recommendation to wear a face mask at home. At the same time, he spoke of a rare case, in which he commented on how the vaccine could reduce hospitals and deaths by a very small percentage.

Returning to Europe, the Covid map Updated by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC), it is becoming more and more red. The alarm was activated in Sardinia and Sicily, leaving most of Italy in yellow and a few green areas left (Valle di Aosta, Piedmont, Alto Adige, Friuli-Venice-Giulia, Abruzzo, Molise, Puglia, Basilicata). Looking at the whole continent, practically the entire Iberian Peninsula, the south of France, the territory of Paris, Benelux, most of Greece, and part of Denmark and Ireland. Currently, Central Europe (all of Germany) and Eastern Europe remain green.

Resume tourism with Green Pass

This map does not link itself, but is used by many governments to impose travel restrictions in high-risk countries.

Italy is developing more and more hostilely, with the two main islands issuing some “warning” not only to one of the European governments, but also to their citizens. The recovery of tourism will definitely be threatened this summer. The Green Pass It’s not easy. Restricting the freedom of movement of people without vaccination certification discourages the arrival of foreign tourists. Understanding the rules of regulation seems detrimental to anyone who wants to come and visit the Peninsula.

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In addition, Lazio Health Councilor Alessio de Amato raised the alarm about the vaccine yesterday. SputnikIt urges the government to approve green pass requirements to avoid adverse effects on tourism. This warning is of particular concern to Russian and San Marino citizens who have been mass-vaccinated with Sputnik, which has not yet been approved by the European Union as effective and safe.

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