The Kovid-19 vaccine will be available to all by the end of March. Ha says

The Kovid-19 vaccine will be available to all by the end of March.  Ha says

This is often not the case View You seem optimistic about the state of the world, but it’s 2020 again. On Monday morning, the Dean of the Brown University School of Public Health, Dr. Ashish, when co-hosts explained that average, they offered some good news. Americans will receive the COVID-19 vaccine “from March to April if all goes well.” Dr. Ha added, “Once these vaccines are exhausted, life will be meaningful if the majority of Americans take them.” Finally, something to look forward to!

This morning, after hours as a New York City nurse The first person to receive the COVID-19 vaccine Ha appeared in the United States View To answer co-host questions about the vaccine and discuss distribution plans. Nine months after the outbreak first began in the US, the public health professional began a brilliant post explaining that “the vaccine is mild at the end of the tunnel,” he said. .

He explained that it was essential for Americans to receive “both parts of the vaccine” (Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine requires two doses, taken three weeks apart). “If you want a long-term benefit, you have to go back to that second shot,” he said ViewCo-hosts. “We think we will get 80% benefit for a while after a single dose, but it will fade and you will be weak again. So it is very important that people get vaccine shots. ”

Right now, first responders and high-risk Americans are the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, but the public is predicted to receive the first dose in late March or early April, if all goes well with distribution. “Most Americans will be able to get the vaccine by April, of course, especially if the new vaccines come online,” he said.

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Dr. The forecast is in line with the predictions of other medical professionals, including Anthony Fowzie. On Monday, FC MSNBC’s Haley Jackson was told that unwell Americans should receive the Kovid-19 vaccine by the end of April and the end of March. “If we can convince people to be effective and vaccinate about this, by the end of spring and early summer, the U.S. will be able to achieve” livestock immunity. “

Despite this optimism, Ha urged Americans to be vigilant, especially during the colder months. “The next six weeks are going to be really bad,” he told co-hosts, adding that hospitals are already full of patients and medical professionals are only hoping it will get worse. “We know what to do: Wear a mask when you are out of the house. Do not interact with people who are not part of your bubble. These are not things you have to do forever – really for the next 6-8 weeks, and so on [after that] Things will start to turn around. If we can escape, we are going to save a lot of lives. ”

“Anyone with the disease today can be vaccinated for two months from now,” he reminded viewers. “Therefore, people can be protected and kept safe until the vaccine becomes widely available.”

Dr. Ashish gives the Americans a glimmer of hope in the clip above.

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