“The Killer”: All we already know about David Fincher’s new film with Michael Fassbender

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David Fincher has started filming his new movie for Netflix. The killer. A year later Monk With his two Oscars, the American director returns to his first romantic thriller and receives a cult French comic strip. Vanity Fair Filming in Paris right now, the much-anticipated new film takes stock.

What is it about?

After Zodiac And series Mindhunter, David Fincher finds his favorite subject: killers. The filmmaker matches The killer Matthews and Luke Jacomon are a series of comics published between 1998 and 2013. The summary, unveiled by Netflix, declares a film in the aftermath of the mysterious and brutal David Fincher’s previous experiments: “The lonely, cold, orderly, dishonest man does not regret waiting in the shadow of the killer, waiting for his next target. The dark, brutal, bloody, stylish story of a professional killer lost in a world without a moral compass is a case study of a lonely man slowly losing his mind armed to the teeth.The script of the feature film was written by Andrew Kevin Walker, and we have the script of that epic. Seven With Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman.

What is Cost?

To play this killer, David Fincher chose Michael Fassbender. The first collaboration between the two is the best return to a film that is no more glorious than the blockbusters the Irish actor recently starred in. Michael Fassbender was found on the set of the film, which is currently in its fifth arrondissement in Paris. 13 years later Curious case of Benjamin Button, Where Tilda Swinton finds David Fincher’s film about the character of swimmer Elizabeth Abbott, which remains a mystery. No other names have been revealed yet. While scouting in the capital last spring, David Fincher posed with Lily Collins on the terrace of Paris during the filming of the new season.Emily of Paris. The actress had earlier played a major role Monk, Maybe she has a new card to play with The killer.

What is the release date on Netflix?

Illustration of The killer Launched in Paris on Monday, November 1st. Many journalists and David Fincher fans have already seen the filming locations located on the various streets of the Fifth Arrondissement. The director is there for a few days to direct “Life Scenes and Dialogues”. It will return to the United States to continue production in New Orleans and Chicago. A diversion to the Dominican Republic will also be planned. Filming should be completed by March 2022. Release is expected by the end of the year. The official date has not yet been announced.

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