“The Kelly Family – The Journey Continues”: Interview with John Kelly (Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Vocals) – Economy & Volkswagen – News

"The Kelly Family - The Journey Continues": Interview with John Kelly (Guitar, Percussion, Drums, Vocals) - Economy & Volkswagen - News

MUNICH (ots) – What was it like to ride the bus for the first time?

Very emotional. Lots of memories come flooding back. This is because I drive the bus a lot when the engine starts up. Feels like home. But I’m glad I don’t have to drive it anymore.

What is your favorite memory of the bus?

My mother. She had a big heart when friends came over. She fell in love on the bus.

How would you explain your success?

For me, success started at home. My parents learned very early that they wanted to make people happy. They wanted to give love, and they did. My parents also helped a lot, that was their nature. You always managed to bring people together who wouldn’t normally come together. I love asking our fans what the Kelly family came up with. Everyone has a story! Everyone had a different meaning and it really meant something to them. For me, that is success. Not just selling a lot of CDs or being known everywhere. That’s all well and good, but success is something else for me. Giving someone something good will do them some good.

Were you homesick too?

Yes, long journeys are also not good. There is tension. We were together, that was my life. Today I am happy that I have a life of my own. I have built my own life and I appreciate it very much. I am very, very happy with it. But I appreciate both. To be able to experience that again is a gift.

What is your favorite music to listen to on a road trip?

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When I lived in the Basque Country, my first cassette was of the Basque singer Benito Lertsundi. He touched my heart so much. Through travel I got to know other cultures, for example in Brittany I discovered Celtic music. I listen to all kinds of Irish music, rock and pop. Through my wife I discovered old music more deeply. I’ve always had respect for classical music, but it didn’t really resonate with me until much later. The main thing is good music!

What should not be missing in your suitcase for a road trip?

Headphones, music, phone.

“The Kelly Family – The Journey Continues”, September 5th to 8:15pm on RTLZWEI. The show is produced by Driver Entertainment GmbH. Episodes are available 7 days before broadcast as previews in the premium area on RTL+. Free for 30 days after broadcast.

About “The Kelly Family – The Journey Continues”:

What a farewell! The Kelly Family’s massive concert tour will begin in 2022. A great opportunity for Kathy, Patricia, Joey, Jimmy, John, Paul and Carolyn to travel and reminisce on the Kelly Bus as they recreated the most important stages of their careers together. In the five-part documentary, the brothers provide passionate reviews of the highlights of their musical careers and insights into the here and now. The gang meets old companions and rekindles the old Kelly family feeling.

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