The Justice Minister gave the green light and demanded that the warrant be made public

The Justice Minister gave the green light and demanded that the warrant be made public

In extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary measures. Three days later Fantastic FBI search In Donald Trump’s Florida state, his boss, Attorney General Merrick Garland, broke his silence Thursday as the entire Republican Party denounced the instrumentalization of the Justice Department. In a brief press conference, he confirmed that he had personally approved a request to obtain a search warrant from a Florida judge. On Thursday, the Department of Justice (DOJ) filed an appeal to make public the warrant and inventory of seized documents. Merrick Garland did not provide details, but if Donald Trump kept classified material after his presidency, it of one the crimeOffense punishable with imprisonment.

It is rare for an attorney general to comment on an ongoing investigation. But for three days, Donald Trump has been denouncing a witch hunt, and Republicans are calling on Merrick Garland to provide details on the unprecedented raid in American history.

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Documents Sensibles

Merrick Garland made a point that made several points clear, reminding him that DOJ law and practices prevent him from providing details. The bottom line: “He personally approved the decision to request a search warrant” and “did not take the decision lightly”. In general, “less intrusive” alternatives are preferred over visits by federal agents, he said. According to US media, the DOJ obtained a subpoena in the spring to return documents taken to Florida when Donald Trump left the White House. Obviously, the former president did not comply, which justified the investigation.

The latter was overseen by the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division. This indicates the presence of particularly sensitive confidential documents. According to CNN, some could affect national security.

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