The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction from Antalya looks like this

The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction from Antalya looks like this

One of the most important celestial events of 2020 was observed by the Tibag National Observatory (TUG) on the TUG Bakerlettep campus at an altitude of 2,500 meters in Antalya. On the night of December 21, the distance between Jupiter and Saturn was again observed at a site between 1793 BC and 1226 AD.

Jupiter-Saturn reunion actually claims to be an event that happens every 20 years, Ashok. Dr. By creating a special situation on December 21, 2020, Orkun Osdarken proved that they are very close to each other.

‘This proximity occurred in the last 1226’

Here you mean very close; The number states that there are 5 arc minutes. Dr. Orkun dzdarcan said, “Normally, Jupiter and Saturn approach each other every 20 years. But in the sky they are never so close. These days, on December 21st, they came as close as they could see together through the lens of a telescope. Similar events had taken place between 1226 and 1623. In the event of 1226, the distance between them was 1.3 arc minutes. If this distance is a little short, they will cover each other. So Jupiter would pass before Saturn. “This is an event that has not happened in the last 3,000 years, according to estimates so far.”

‘It will happen in 2080’

Note that from now on the two planets are closest to each other. Dr. Osdarkan said, “It will be about 5 minutes away. So on December 21, 2020, the closer they get to each other, the closer they get to that date. This is usually repeated within 20 years, because it is very simple; In the Solar System, as the planets move away from the Sun, their orbits begin to slow down. Therefore, Jupiter moves faster in its orbit than Saturn because it is closer to the Sun. “Saturn is moving a little slower,” he said.

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When the event counts as two runners, Ashok. Dr. Osdarkan said, “The runner on the inner lane sometimes crosses the outer lane. This is what Jupiter actually does. Every 20 years, Saturn takes a spin, and during this lap overlap they come into contact with each other in the same place in the sky, which is known as the ‘Jupiter-Saturn combination’. This is repeated every year, but in some years, depending on the angle at which the orbital planes are made, sometimes they are much closer to each other than the point of our orbit, and these dates create a visual feast for us. Such dates are even more important as they make people happy to see this party.

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