The Jewish “Taliban” is harassing and dividing Israel

The Jewish "Taliban" is harassing and dividing Israel

Investigation – More and more “humble women” decide to hide themselves and cover their eyes due to intense search for modesty and religious sanctity. Those who are expelled, often taken for granted, are confronted by rabbinic and even extremist Orthodox communities.

Correspondent in Jerusalem

The dark spectator stands still. He froze at the end of the sidewalk of a pedestrian crossing. The body is covered from head to toe. Even his eyes are invisible. They are. When the light finally turns green, the ghost crosses the road with determination. It seems to be floating. Her shoes are covered with the fabric of her dress. It is not uncommon to meet him on the streets of Jerusalem near the ultra-Orthodox district of Mia Shirim. If it’s not his twin. Ghosts are part of the landscape. If you do not worry, they will consult. The Jewish women are hidden. The Israeli media calls them “The Taliban.” They like the term “Humble Women”.

This phenomenon appeared in the early 2000s in the Haradim community (literally “God-fearing”) who wanted to strictly enforce the Talmud’s laws of humility and thus hasten the coming of the Messiah. . Then he took it

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