The jersey dedicated to Bob Marley’s last outdoor concert was released by Irish club Bohemians FC.

The jersey dedicated to Bob Marley's last outdoor concert was released by Irish club Bohemians FC.

When reggae legend Bob Marley was approached by promoter Pat Egan in 1980 to perform at a concert in Dublin, he had only one request: tickets should not exceed £ 7, so low-income people can attend.

Egan agreed, but he knew that only an outdoor venue could ensure that they had enough people to make the gig worthwhile. With a few venues on offer, the show took place on the grounds of Dollymount Park, the home of Bohemians FC, the oldest club in the League of Ireland.

However, neither Egan nor the crowd present knew that the concert would have another meaning when Marley died within a year. His appearance on stage in Dublin marked his last outdoor concert, and 25,000 people gathered to hear him.

With 10% of the proceeds from the sale going to the Asylum Seekers’ Movement (MASI) in Ireland, Bohz released a special jersey – acknowledging Marley’s real mission to make sure his gig was affordable to anyone.

The jersey has red, yellow and green on the front and the back neckline and sleeve cuff. It also features an embroidered hem tag with the original concert ticket on the lower front.

Egan recalls another occasion when artists were brought into the country. A year before Marley’s appearance, he had brought the Queen.

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“There was not so much rock and roll back then [bands] He is on every tour, ”he told ESPN. “There haven’t been a lot of big gigs with superstar bands. This [Queen] It was the biggest gig of the day, because the Queen was always on tour with an amazing stage show. ⁇

When he sees a band touring England, Egan goes and knocks on the agents’ door to see if they can get them to Dublin … “You can not do it anymore”, he agrees.

Little did he know at the time that the concert would turn out to be a legendary night, he was more interested in bringing in other artists than hanging out with Marley and the band at the time.

“It simply came to our notice then. His legend has grown, ”he says. “I’m not the kind of promoter who wants to take a picture of him with Bob Marley.

Bose has previously worked with MASI to raise funds and raise awareness in Ireland – a system that allows asylum seekers to enter Ireland – to end the direct system.

In 2020, they released the jersey ‘Welcome to Refugees’ and all the profits from the first week go to the organization.

The money raised through Bose’s New Jersey will be used to buy musical instruments and football equipment for those living in shelters across the country.

“After years of working on the concept, I am very pleased to be unveiling this shirt today,” Daniel Lambert, Bose’s chief executive, said in a statement. Marley’s concert in Dalymount is one of Ireland’s special musical events, let alone his only Irish show.

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“Everyone knows his love of football, he played on our famous pitch before the concert, the same turf that was decorated like some of the best players in the world,” [George] And the best [Zinedine] The sedan is amazing. ⁇

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