The James Webb Space Telescope has successfully developed its solar shield

The James Webb Space Telescope has successfully developed its solar shield

The James Webb Telescope will never see direct sunlight again. The telescope is also given a special shape of a diamond.

However, in the last few days, some crosses have already been made. For example, there was James Webb yesterday His neck was stretched all over. This created an opening, creating enough space for the solar panel to fully open. Also, on December 30, the folded sun visor coverings were successfully removed.

At 4:13 this morning Dutch time, the whole procedure was completed. A total of 107 release mechanisms were activated to open the Sun Shield. As a result, the telescope is now more than fourteen meters in diameter. A solar shield is a type of umbrella that protects telescopic instruments and mirrors from the heat of the sun. This keeps very sensitive infrared devices cool and allows them to continue working properly.

Now that the sun shield is loose, the shield still needs to be tightened. The process is taking place a little later than planned as the James Web team is getting extra rest today. That is the hope That the shield would hold tight after the weekend.

Curious as to where the telescope is currently located? On This page You can follow exactly where James Webb is and when parts will reopen.


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