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The Irish media does not underestimate La Rochelle

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“Everyone has a little regret for not being able to travel to La Rochelle and enjoy the city!” In Dublin, where he had been imprisoned for five months, the Irish journalist Ruwaidri O’Connor was seen in short supply. No authorized Irish journalist An Irish supporter on a trip from Leinster to La Rochelle on Sunday for an unprecedented poster for the Champions Cup semi-final (kick-off at 4pm, live on France Blue). Blame the brutal sanitary situation between the two countries. The Irish Squad itself may be subject to a shipwreck When you return.

“We never went to Marcel Defland Stadium.” Rugby writer Ruwaidri O’Connor sighed The Irish Independent, the most widely read newspaper in the country, Who took advantage of the health crisis to resume French lessons. So he follows this encounter in front of a TV screen “Between two very interesting teams”. La Rochelle is number one for the Irish Ronan O’Gara’s team, After retiring from the sport, is the most important athlete in his country who analyzes every move. His commitment to La Rochelle for three more years as rugby director, replacing his heart club Munster and Jono Gibbs as coach, has been widely commented on.

Resist stress

“Leinster knows how to fight stress, which is a key to the game.” Analyze Ruidri O’Connor. “In the very next match, they won the cup against racing in 2018. Three or four players have already won this European title three or four times. Unrolls a rugby specialist. But outside, in France, even if there is no audience, it will remain difficult.

Ruidri O’Connor is not in a happy racism, and even if La Rochelle is set to experience its first semi-final on Sunday, the club has arguments: “Uni Atonio, who played for you in the World Cup, Victor Vito, a former black man, Will Schultton, who beat Leinster in the final with the Saracens two years ago … Gregory Aldrit is the best, Kerr-Barlow is a former World Cup winner with the Blacks …” Best personalities and one bad: “It simply came to our notice then In this match, but look at the coaches: Jono Gibbs and Ronan Ogara, who won this tournament with Leinster. “ Him again, “Probably the best player in the history of this game.”

Come to La Rochelle one day

Conscious Rochelis, who wants to surprise the Irish, predicts Ruidri O’Connor. This Leinster team is very finished, but a follower of a structured game, and “Can match anything, watch their best match on Exeter” In the quarterfinals. Package by opener Johnny Sexton? “It’s a problem for the Irish national team more than Leinster,” the reporter warned, as Ross Byrne, the club’s replacement, is also a better player. Under-10s … When the heavyweights face Rocheles, they set the rhythm to crush Irish opponents. “So I can not wait, this is going to be a great game!” Undoubtedly, journalist Ruidri O’Connor concludes: He will one day come to La Rochelle, a club that has long existed in the elite section of European rugby.

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