The iOS 15.1 update for iPhones has been released

The iOS 15.1 update for iPhones has been released

Apple has released iOS 15.1, the new mobile operating system for iPhones.SharePlay offers a new way to share experiences with family and friends on FaceTime, releases the ProRes video capture for iOS 15.1, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, and supports the Kovid-19 vaccine cards that can be checked in the wallet.

The new iOS update, which is about 1.5GB in size, includes other features and bug fixes for iPhones. Here are all the innovations that came with iOS 15.1 released for the iPhone 6s and higher iPhone models:

All innovations with iOS 15.1

1- Shareplay:

– Shareplay; A new way to share experiences simultaneously on FaceTime with content from the TV app, music, and other supported App Store apps

– Shared restrictions allow anyone to pause, play, rewind or move faster

– Automatically mute smart volume movie or TV show or track while your friends are talking

Apple The TV supports the option to watch shared video on your big screen while holding a FaceTime call on the iPhone.

– Screen sharing lets anyone on FaceTime call view photos, browse the web or help each other

2- Camera

– Capture ProRes video with iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

– Automatic camera switching off setting for taking macro photos or videos on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

3- Apple Wallet

– Kovid-19 Vaccine Card Support allows you to add verifiable vaccine information to Apple Wallet and display it from there

4- Translation

– Mandarin Chinese (Taiwan) support for translation in the translation app and the entire system

5- Ev

– New automation starters based on the current measurement value of the HomeKit-enabled humidity, air quality or light level sensor

6- Shortcuts

– Allows you to overlay text on images or GIFs with new and pre-built functions

7- Others:

IOS 15.1 also fixes the following issues with iPhones:

– The “Photos” app incorrectly reports that storage is full when importing photos and videos

– “Weather” app fails to display current temperature “for my location” and incorrectly displays animated background colors

– Apple pauses sound when the screen is locked

– “Wallet” closes unexpectedly when using VoiceOver with multiple cards

– Available Wi-Fi networks not found

– Updated battery algorithms to better predict battery capacity over time on iPhone 12 models

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