The iOS 14.2 update adds 117 emojis to your iPhone – from ninjas to toothbrushes

The iOS 14.2 update adds 117 emojis to your iPhone - from ninjas to toothbrushes

Apple released the iOS 14.2 and iPod 14.2 updates this week, which include some useful updates to the HomePod, AirPlay, and Control Center. But for many, the most exciting update will be the new addition of 117 emojis for your texting pleasure.

Wedding-themed emojis are the most eye-catching newcomers, including men and women in tuxedos and men and women in dresses and veils. These emojis especially feature the transgender pride flag and the addition of the ‘Mx’. Close and a person of the opposite sex feeds the baby with a bottle.

In this batch you will find some particularly strange emojis: an ‘anatomical’ heart and lungs, an endangered woolly mammoth and dodo bird, Russian nesting dolls, an empty white mark, and a headstone.

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If you want to pepper your chats with some common household items, you can find a new screwdriver, toilet plumber, toothbrush, ladder, and saw.

We also appreciate some awesome food emojis from fresh blueberries, olives, bell peppers and some tamales, flat bread and bubble tea.

Various new emojis

(Image credit: Future)

If we had to choose the most used emoji in our conversations, we would go with the ‘hug two’ icon, the ‘smiling face with tears’ and the gru cho cho Marx costume.

You can check the complete list Emojipedia, As well as check New Emoji ever arriving in 2021.

Various new emojis

(Image credit: Future)

Fewer fun and more practical updates

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