The intelligence was leaked by the United States. They cover a mysterious explosion in Papua New Guinea

Na planoucí meteory v pozemské atmosféře jsme celkem zvyklí. Ohnivá koule z roku 2014 se však od nich liší tím, že mohlo jít o první mezihvězdný objekt, který se dostal tak blízko Zemi. Ilustrační foto

The military confirms the conclusion of the analysts

According to this analysis, 99% of the body’s velocity and orbit are from space beyond our solar system – probably from the depths of the planetary system or from a dense star, the authors wrote, “Milky Way galaxy disk.”

Scientists have solved the mystery of the asteroid Rugu. That is not the intention

But despite their almost 100 percent certainty, their works have not been published in any scientific journal and have not been reviewed because the data needed to verify their calculations are labeled on the web. Wise U.S. government for secrecy.

However, that has now changed, and the findings of the study have been confirmed by scientists at the U.S. headquarters responsible for military operations in space. On March 6, Lt. Gen. John E. Snyder, the firm’s deputy commander, resigned. In a post shared by Shaw, the 2019 fireball analysis is “accurate enough to confirm the interstellar trajectory”.

The object overtook ‘Oumuamuu’

This confirmation makes the meteorite that collided with the Earth’s atmosphere in 2014 the first interstellar body recorded in our solar system, according to the website. Scientific warning.

Until now, the first man-made interstellar object in the Solar System was thought to be the discovery of the cigar-shaped body known as ‘Umwamuwa’, which first appeared three years after the meteorite in 2017 and moved rapidly. The shape of our solar system.

Interstellar Body 'Artistic Representation of Oumuwa

Scientists have discovered the origin of the mysterious substance Oumuamua. It is not an alien ship

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Unlike the body in 2014, the ‘Oumuamua’ object was recorded at a great distance from Earth and, according to NASA, is currently rapidly erupting from the Solar System.

Amir Siraj, a theoretical astronomer at Harvard University and co-author of the 2019 study, told Wise that he still intends to publish the study to establish to the scientific community where he and his colleagues ended up. Siraj said the meteorite had ignited over the South Pacific Ocean and its fragments were likely to fall into the water and be caught off the coast.

The search for submarine fragments is under consideration

Although the location of these fragments still seems impossible, Siraj, in his opinion, is still considering the possibility of organizing an exploration with other experts to try to obtain them.

Although finding these fragments of interstellar debris would be almost impossible, Siraj said he was already consulting with experts about the possibility of organizing an expedition trying to collect them from below.

Interstellar comet 2I / Borisov entering our solar system

Interstellar comet reveals another secret: Scientists do not know where and how it formed

“We are excited to have the opportunity to receive the first volume of interstellar material and to examine it closely and to discuss this subject with all the experts in the world of marine exploration,” he told Vice Siraj.

In conclusion, it is good to remember some words, which are sometimes confusing, but their meaning is different: as long as a small body (up to a hundred meters in size, it will be an asteroid of large size) jumps into space. , It is called a meteorite. When it enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it heats up and produces a light effect known as a meteorite. A very bright meteorite (approximately brighter than Mag 3) is called a bolide. The pieces that fall to the ground are meteorites.

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