The influenza virus forms a ‘hybrid virus’ with another virus

The influenza virus forms a 'hybrid virus' with another virus

Scientists have determined that the influenza and RSV viruses that cause upper respiratory tract disease can combine and work together. The hybrid virus causes a more severe infection than the common flu.

With cold weather In diseases of the upper respiratory tract In these days of growth, a remarkable statement came from scientists. Experts have declared that viruses that cause upper respiratory tract diseases combine to form a hybrid structure. The scientist who discovered this hybrid virus is Pablo Marcia.This type of hybrid virus has existed before Never defined.‘ he said.

When it comes to upper respiratory diseases, the first thing that comes to mind is discomfort. Pt (Influenza A). However, the flu virus is not the only organism that causes respiratory diseases. Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) also cause illness, at least as contagious as influenza. The reason there is more flu talk in the community is because RSV is more common. babies affects Recent research has revealed that these two viruses co-exist and co-exist.

Hybrid virus causes more severe infection!

In a detailed study of the hybrid virus, which is a combination of influenza and RSV, the scientists sent the viruses separately and as a hybrid to lung cells. As a result of the research, the hybrid virus causing a more serious infection saw Influenza A virus utilizes RSV in this process and improves the immune system. was coming through. This increased the rate of progression to the lungs and made the disease worse.

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Scientists have discovered that viruses from different families that differ in their genome and external proteins join together to form a hybrid structure. That it is important They say. Because after this discovery new studies about viruses were needed. Researchers have yet to find out Other hybrid viruses may be foundIf these are discovered, they will have to find new treatments for hybrid viruses.

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