The Indian variant, the United Kingdom, accelerates to a second level –

The Indian variant, the United Kingdom, accelerates to a second level -

While in Italy Second doses Vaccine, Great Britain, Always decided to use the longest interval for vaccinesturn around Due to some explosions Indian variant (B.1.617.2) It worries the country.

Accelerate complete immunization

The announcement was made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Friday Vaccination protocols Will be modified to provide faster Second doses For people over the age of 50, the presence of the Indian variant has confirmed that it will “definitely force a change”, which is now about vaccination policies, not planned resumes, and remains as decided. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that the UK needs to be vigilant to prevent the Indian variant from exploding. He warned that on June 14, the government would decide whether to go ahead with complete mitigation measures. Professor Adam Finn, Dell Joint Committee on Immunization and Immunization (Independent Expert Advisory Committee Advising UK Health Departments) AstraZeneca vaccine should not be given to anyone under 30 years of age This may be invalidated in the future It has been repeated since the vaccine Seems to be effective against the Indian variant, “People should feel reasonably confident that the risk of serious illness will be greatly reduced against this version of the virus if they are fully vaccinated.”


The United Kingdom gave at least one dose to 53.76% of the population and gave two doses to 28.28%, favoring the largest possible coverage in the number of people who arrived and relying on vaccines already being offered after the first dose. One Good care. With the advent of the Indian variant which is more broadcast than English, there are fears that this may happen. Spread among young people: Only 13% of children (including children) under 40 years of age have been vaccinated.

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Outbreaks are on the rise

B.1.617 The number of cases increased 1,313 this week weekly 520 in the UK from last week according to official statistics. Most are found in northwestern England. The focus is on Bolton, home to some 200,000 people, one of the most highly infected countries in the country. New report from SAGE (Scientific Advisory Team for Emergencies), The non-departmental public body of the British government released on Thursday: “There are local areas … the number of new infections is on the rise. In some areas … there has been a continuous rapid growth in variants, especially the B1,617.2 variant. This variant is currently broadcast faster than variant B.1.1.7 (English, ed) Most common in the UK. It is based on the growth seen in successive cases. The report continues: “This is a real possibility of broadcasting up to 50% more This growth rate of B.1.617.2 may lead to a much larger transition, leading to a significant “recovery” from “hospitalization”.


Thanks to the massive sequencing policy of SARS-CoV-2 genomes, the United Kingdom is able to map the growth and adaptation of variants to its territory, remains optimistic, but ready to act: many A few adults were vaccinated To prevent a vital revival that puts sustainable pressure on health care, ”officials fear. For this reason, they conclude by declaring that “in areas where the number of infections is rapidly increasing, an even faster increase can be expected if measures are relaxed”.

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