The index point for civil servants was revalued at 4%

The index point for civil servants was revalued at 4%

BFM Business Information. The index for government employees will increase by 4%. Minister Stanislas Guerrero will welcome the unions on Tuesday to make the announcement.

For the first time in five years, the Point of Index revaluation of civil servants is being conducted. The pay rise for the country’s 5.5 million civil servants will reach 4 percent. Minister of Transformation and Public Service Stanislas Guerrero will meet with public service unions on Tuesday morning to announce the revaluation.

Public officials have been waiting for this gesture for a long time, as the index has frozen since 2017 and has only increased by 1.2% since 2010.

Inadequate revaluation

It is not enough to satisfy the unions. If they welcome the meltdown, they think the government is far from the mark. On the one hand, this revaluation is lower than the expected 5.5% inflation level for the year.

In addition, due to the accumulation of delays after the index point freeze, trade unions estimate that there will be “a difference of at least 15 points during this period, between inflation and points”. Many of them demanded significant catch-up of at least 10%.

“However, this is really a 4% increase,” one of the strongest civil service unions concludes, “This figure will be in line with the revaluation of pensions and the social minimum, which will be 4%.”

For public finance, this meltdown would be very costly at around 8 8 billion. Because, according to Bercy, a 1% increase in the index point would cost $ 2 billion.

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