The incidence is reduced to 72 cases, but Asturias remains the only area with a new normal level

The incidence is reduced to 72 cases, but Asturias remains the only area with a new normal level

All of Kovid’s health indicators continue to decline, confirming that the end of the fifth wave will lead Spain to unregistered infections and hospital statistics from the summer of 2020. Since then, there have been no collected cases of cases. For 100,000 inhabitants, such as the current one (71.9), 14 days keeps Spain at moderate risk, however Asturias remains the only community with less than 25 events, and as a result, only one day in the new normal phase.

Other communities are at moderate risk, i.e., 50 to 150 cases, with Galicia and Castilla y Lyon at the lowest risk gates – 25 to 50 cases – and the suit and mail are in the worst condition, with 152 and 171.1 cases, respectively.

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The Ministry of Health’s report on Thursday revealed 3,031 new positives, bringing the total number of infections to 4,943,855 and the number of deaths to 86,185, with 100 new deaths in the last 24 hours.

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Less than 900 Kovid patients in UCs

A new stress relief was reported at UCIS this Thursday, where 867 patients were admitted (27 less than yesterday), creating 9.5% (less than three in ten) accommodation.

Admission to the hospital ward also declined, with 3,056 Kovid patients, 181 fewer than Wednesday, and therefore 2.5% (less than one-tenth) of the stay.


76.4% of Spaniards have a complete vaccination schedule

Regarding vaccination figures, 76.4% of the population (36,259,105 people) have complete guidelines against Kovid-19 and 79.1% single dose (37,538,323 people), according to a report released by the Ministry of Health this Thursday.

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The same report indicates that in Spain, 69,642,236 doses of vaccine against Kovid-19 were administered by Pfizer, Modena, AstraZeneca, and Jansen, with 75.43% distributing 92,394,611 units among autonomous communities.

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