The impact of the Sijago Toll Road development is as follows:

The impact of the Sijago Toll Road development is as follows:– The head of the Crucifixion Village, Tajuddin, along with Bhabinkam Thibmas, summoned the Section III Zizago toll contractor and asked him to look after the safety and comfort of road users in Crucut. This was revealed in a local media report in Depok City which aired on Tuesday (21/06/2022).

Tajuddin, the head of the Urban Village, is concerned about the condition of the Jalan Raya crew, which has been turned into a slum due to the activities of the Section III Zizago toll road project. The impact of development projects is making roads dirty and dilapidated.

However, based on the information, Lura Crucutt’s allegation is not in line with the basic facts, so it seems provocative and does not support the smooth running of the National Strategic Project (PSN) set up by President Joko Widodo. (Djokovic) will be completed as soon as possible by the end of December 2022. Of course there must have been an impact of the development, but not as Tajuddin, the head of Crookut Village, suggested.

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Based on the observations from the photos received by WIB on Tuesday (21/06/2022) 15.46, this is the original version of the Crucifix Highway adjacent to the Section III Zigago Toll Road Construction Project. (Rusdy Nordiancia)



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