The home star’s fortieth birthday is far from over

The home star's fortieth birthday is far from over

Happy Birthday, Jake Gillenhall! Well known actor Donnie Darko, Brockback Mountain, Nightcroller, And playing Mysterio Spiderman: Away from home He turned 40 on December 19. Last night, Spider-Man star Tom Holland confirmed that he was the first person to wish Gillenhall a happy birthday, and now the internet is following suit. Gillennhall is now a trending topic on social media as fans of “Mr. Music” celebrate his 40th birthday on earth.

With Gillennhall celebrating his special day, many fans are still wondering if he is going to show up. Marvel’s Spiderman 3. In the coming weeks, several actors have been confirmed for the upcoming Marvel movie. Unfortunately, that list does not (yet) include Gillenhall. Although Gillennhall’s mystery was dead at the time Away from home, Marvel producer Eric Carroll had previously joked that the character would end up with a story arch similar to an icon. The doctor is weird The villain. “We wanted to find our ‘in’, similar to what we did with Mordo at Doctor Strange,” Carol said last summer.

While we wait for news of Gillenhall’s fate in Spider-Versus, we can enjoy at least some tweets about him. Check out the best birthday posts from fans below …

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