The Home Ministry has extended the decision to stop drones and light air sports in all its forms


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The Interior Ministry has announced that it is expanding its decision to discontinue flying operations for drone owners, trainers and amateurs, including light drones of various shapes and types, including drones, air and gliding. Sportz explained that, until further notice, it is currently reviewing and amending the rules governing the use of drones in the country and in the aviation sector in accordance with the directives issued in coordination with the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

The Ministry stressed the need for community members to comply with government directives represented by the Ministry of the Interior and the General Civil Aviation Authority to protect the safety of life, property and the environment as a result of its misuse and unsafe use. Hobby.

They explained that for companies and companies with employment contracts or commercial projects that depend on the use of drones, they should communicate with the General Authority of Civil Aviation at this time to obtain the necessary exemptions and permits to carry out their work and projects. Period to avoid any repercussions affecting the timing of these projects.

The Ministry of Home Affairs emphasized that under Article 176 of Federal Decree No. 2021 of 2021, anyone carrying out any flight operations or engaging in any of these activities or failing to comply with the instructions issued will be subject to legal liability. Offenses punishable by imprisonment for a term not less than six months and not more than five years and a fine not less than 100,000 dirhams, or one of these two penalties for violating the prohibitions issued by competent authorities in the territory of the state, treating flying with a drone as a flight law and punishable by imprisonment or fine.

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