The Holy See Knock Sanctuary is recognized by Marion and Eucharistic International

The Holy See Knock Sanctuary is recognized by Marion and Eucharistic International

On the feast of St. Joseph on March 19, Pope Francis will elevate the Irish Basilica to the International Synagogue. The Rector of the Wildlife Sanctuary, Fr. Richard Gibbons.

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The Church of Ireland is overjoyed: the Holy See has officially recognized Knock’s National Sanctuary as an international Marian and Eucharistic church.

The news was given 151 years ago by Don Michael Neeri, Archbishop of Tuam. Our Lady with St. Joseph and St. John the Evangelist turned to an altar with a lamb and a cross on top. Pope Francis will elevate the Basilica to the International Church on March 19, the feast of St. Joseph. The Rector of the Wildlife Sanctuary, Fr. Richard Gibbons. The Archdiocese of Tuam spoke of a milestone in the history of the most visited pilgrimage destination in Ireland today, thanking Pope Francis and Holy See for accepting the bishops’ request.

Bishop Neeri observed the history of the Marian incarnations that took place on August 21st, not just in the special year dedicated to the Father of Jesus for the election of the greatness of St. Joseph. 1879. In fact, on the night of 151 years ago, of the 15 who were there, St. Joseph also appeared to the right of the white-clad virgin.

“Since then, this place has become a destination for pilgrims,” ​​recalls the High Priest. , Pontif asked Our Lady to intercede for all who survived the abuse and to reassure all believers with the intention of never allowing it to be repeated.

Worship of Our Lady of Knock was recognized in 1936. This wildlife sanctuary is located in County Mayo, Western Ireland. It is visited every year by more than one million and five hundred pilgrims seeking the heavenly help of the Virgin Mary. Many miracles and healings began in the days after they were recorded in the sanctuary. A woman suffering from multiple sclerosis was miraculously recognized by the Irish Church in 2019 as completely miraculously recognized, completely paralyzed, and after being blessed in the ostensory during the blessing of the sick, went for a walk and recovered.

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